Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

The truth is that buying herbs from the supermarket can get expensive and can be wasteful, too. You sometimes only use them once and then end up forgetting about them. Growing your own herb garden can be a great alternative! Believe it or not, growing your own fresh herbs can be far easier to do than you might think. 

The key to success, of course, is choosing a kit that fits your needs and is simple and easy to use. As a rule of thumb, the best indoor herb garden kits are the ones that you can place on your windowsill, water regularly, and simply let sit and grow. You don’t want to pick a kit that overcomplicates things, as this will make the growing process that much harder. 

Bearing that in mind, what are the top 5 indoor herb garden kits on the market? We’ve created a simple guide to the best kits available – read on for everything that you need to know!

1.) The Earnest Herb Garden Kit

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If you’re looking for a herb garden kit that offers a wide range of planting options, is easy to use, and comes at an affordable monthly price, then The Earnest Herb Garden Kit is perfect for you. Designed to make indoor herb growing as simple and enjoyable as possible, the kit has been curated to offer a growing experience unlike any other, combining innovation with simplicity. 


2.) The Plant Club

Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Fall in love with a new type of indoor herb each month. The Plant Club packs everything that’s needed for your plant of the month into a handy parcel, that’s then delivered directly to your door. The Plant Club subscription box can make a great gift or a little treat for yourself and your green thumb.


3.) Urban Sprouts Store

Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Partnered with Cratejoy to offer a planting subscription service, Urban Sprout Store delivers air plants monthly designed to be simple to grow. The concept is that anyone can grow in their homes, it’s just a case of understanding how to do so.


4.) Bloomin Bin

Image of the Bloomin Bin

The Bloomin Bin subscription service offers ‘gardening in a box’, and is perfect for urban or indoor gardeners looking to expand their gardens. How it works: Bloomin Bin puts together a bin designed to help users grow certain seasonal plants that have been specially selected by the team. Each subscription bin comes with a guide to the best techniques for getting the results you want.


5.) Urban Organic Gardener

Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Offering a monthly surprise designed to feed your passion for growing. The Urban Organic Gardener subscription box offers a fun and easy growing experience, including a new seed to plan each month. The Urban Organic Gardener seed club subscriptions are designed to offer the perfect gift for any occasion. 

There you have it, a guide to five of the best indoor planting subscription boxes.

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