Fun Grow Kits For Everyone.

From your garden to your kitchen. We develop garden kits that are easy, fun, and educational. Our garden grow kits come with everything you need including: seeds, soil, pots, and instructions.

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Gardening Has Never Been Easier

Easy-to-follow, feel-good gardening to your doorstep.

Easy to Setup and Low Maintenance

Our boxes are beginner friendly for those who are new to gardening. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. We also offer a variety of boxes based on your experience level with gardening.

Sustainable and Organically Sourced

We partner with local farmers to transform their manure into sustainable fertilizer. Our fertilizer is made with specific microbes that help your plants get the optimal required nutrients.

Delicious, Educational, and Entertaining

Our product is available in many varieties tailored to different groups. If you like to cook, have young children, or need a new hobby, you are in the right place!

Grow Like The Experts

Our step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to get started. Each box comes with everything you need.

Growth Is In The Details

Carefully crafted and sourced to make your decision easy.

Sustainable Pots

Our boxes only use 100% natural pots that are made from eco-friendly, renewable resources. These plant homes are good for the environment and entirely biodegradable, so transplanting is a breeze!

Organic Soil

When making our potting soils, we keep the environment and users in mind. We use organic and sustainable materials to produce some of the best soil available. Leaving both you and your plants satisfied!

Non-GMO Seeds

We only use non-genetically modified seeds so any plants you grow will be happy and healthy! We also strive to provide heritage lines that help us all have diverse groups of plants for future generations!

Our Products Speak For Themselves

Carefully crafted and sourced to make your decision easy.

“What an awesome idea. Now I can really say I made my pizza from scratch! I love it.”

- Jessica C.

Novice Gardener

Dallas, TX

“The garden kit instructions were easy to follow. My garden was up and running in less than 10 minutes.”

- Marc C.

Intermediate Gardener

St. Louis, MO

“Can't wait to see what they send me next month. This makes gardening a lot of fun. My kids love it too.”

- Susana S.

Family Gardner

Chicago, IL

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Our Garden Kit Lineup

We make it easy and fun to garden with our step-by-step guides to walk you through it all. Each kit is curated with a purpose that we are sure you will love!


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For the gardener that just wants to try a kit or for someone special - it makes the perfect gift!


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We keep a new garden kit coming each month. As always, cancel at any time - we are sure you won’t.


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Every 3 months you receive a garden kit. Always different, always great. Nice little reminder of a new quarter.


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We send you a garden kit twice a year. You choose the times and we make sure to get it to you. This is specially nice for birthdays or holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Everyone Grow Through Understanding

Worm castings can be used as the topsoil for your garden. If you prefer to mix the worm castings into your soil, a good ratio is 20% worm castings and 80% soil.

Plants draw the nutrients they need to grow from the soil. To ensure optimum growth, you should cover the seeds in topsoil for maximum nutrient absorption.

The wooden sticks are used to measure the depth in which to plant your seeds. For example, tomatoes should be planted 1/4 inch under the soil. View our Plant Growth Guide for more information on how to plant your seeds.

  • Basil: April-December
  • Cilantro: March-September
  • Garlic: June-December
  • Lettuce: March-December
  • Mint: March-May
  • Oregano: March-May
  • Parsley: March-May
  • Peppers: June-October
  • Rosemary: March-May
  • Spinach: March-December
  • Strawberry: April-August
  • Thyme: April-August
  • Tomato: June-September


  • Basil: Plant should be 6-8 inches tall. Pick leaves regularly.
  • Cilantro: Plant should be 4-6 inches tall. Clip leaves close to ground level.
  • Garlic: When the tops begin to yellow and fall over.
  • Lettuce: Leaves should be 3-6 inches long. Pick the outer leaves first so the center can continue to grow.
  • Mint: Always pick leaves from the top. Pick the first two pairs of leaves to encourage growth.
  • Oregano: Plant should be 4 inches tall. Pick leaves from the top.
  • Parsley: Pick leaves from the outside of the plant first to encourage growth.
  • Peppers: Should be 3-4 inches and firm to the touch. Pick when they are the size and color you desire.
  • Rosemary: Plant should be at least 8 inches tall. Cut off the top 2-3 inches to encourage growth.
  • Spinach: Leaves should be 6 inches long. Pick the outer leaves first so the center can continue to grow.
  • Strawberry: Pick only when completely red. Cut by the stem. Do not pull.
  • Thyme: Plant should be at least 8 inches tall. Cut off the top 2-3 inches to encourage growth.
  • Tomato: Should be slightly red at the bottom. Hold stem and gently pull. Store indoors to continue to ripen until completely red.

To save seeds for the next season, place the seeds in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry area. The seeds should also be dry.