How to: Decorate With Indoor Plants

Is your home dead and dull? Are you looking for ways to spruce up your space? When thinking of new and fresh ways to liven up your living situation, look no further than indoor plants. Having indoor plants make for a happy home. Each room can take on a life on its own with the accent of indoor plants. Becoming a green thumb is an endeavor all in itself.

Fear not, there are easy maintenance houseplants to take care of. Whether tall or for the windowsill, there are plenty of indoor plants to make our homes happier and healthier.

Deciding what are the best indoor plants is no easy feat. From lighting to watering to maintaining their existence, we need to find the ones that will suit us.

Don’t let the task of indoor plant decoration take you over. Read our blog post for discovering the best indoor plants and where to place them. Your home will never be happier!

Bomb Bookshelf

Large bookshelf with indoor plants like succulents trailing down.

Displaying your plant friends on the bookshelf is such a nice way to incorporate them into your home. Smaller indoor plant pots fit nicely amongst your library. They can even serve as bookends.

At the top of your bookshelf, look to have trailing indoor plants. This will truly make your bookcase come to life. Succulents would look cute here.


Whimsical Windowsill

Reading nook on a window sill with an indoor plant (succulent) and stack of books sitting off to the side.

To continue with our book theme, why not create a wonderous reading nook? This can easily become one of your favorite spots in your home. Combine indoor hanging plants with potted.

Nature Extended

Nature Extended

Rooms with large windows are a great place to have your plants thrive. By playing with the view of nature, we can create an extended world inside.

Cute Corner

Green indoor plants near white wall in room

You can have your plants have their own corner of the room. This is an easy yet effective way to have your plants looking good. Have fun with this by mixing and matching different indoor plant pots of varying sizes.

Warm Welcome

Cozy hallway interior with new stylish furniture

Why not wow your company with a warm welcome of green. Plants that don’t need a ton of sunlight are best in the entryway of your home. Try narrow, easy-to-fit plants such as a snake plant here.

Delicious Dining

Festive table setting with indoor plants.

For an attractive centerpiece, look no further than greenery or florals. Have it be the length of your table. Get creative and integrate various textures into the mix such as candles and knick-knacks.

Not a Faux Pas

Minimalistic composition of dried flowers in cylindrical ceramic vase as home decoration.

If you’re not a green thumb, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Look for dry or faux plants here. This is a low-maintenance approach with exceptional results.

Kitchy Kitchen

Modern kitchen with black and white tile backsplash with herbs and cacti sitting around the stovetop.

Indoor plants in the kitchen are an excellent way to spruce things up. Healing plants such as aloe are your best friend when you have a cut or burn. Other suggestions are venus fly traps or pitchers to take care of those pesky fruit flies.

Like Indoor Plants, We Thrive

We hope you’re as inspired as we are. Your indoor plants will never have looked so good.

We encourage you to grow with us. Try one of our grow kits today! They are fun for the whole family.

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