How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden Tools

Any gardener of all experience and expertise levels needs certain garden tools in their repertoire. In this article, we will explore some of the most basic tools that play a significant role in gardening.

Some of the most used gardening tools are:

A trowel has many uses including repotting and weed removal. On the other hand, a hand rake will make cleaning up debris and dead leaves. Watering globes are excellent for providing small and consistent amounts of water to plants.


Close up image of a trowel, with dirt and plants surrounding the gardening tool

A trowel is an essential tool for many professions including masonry and gardening. These small but useful tools help remove weeds by digging into and underneath a plant to remove them from their rooted position. They are also suitable for repotting plants that you want to move as they can uproot a plant without damaging either it or its roots when used properly. 

The small, spade-like instrument is also capable of digging small and accurate holes to prepare an area for a transplant project or new seeds and bulbs. This makes them excellent for small seasonal flowers, fruits, and garden herbs where delicate roots and plants could be harmed by a larger tool.

Hand Rake

Close up image of a person using a handrake gardening tool to remove weeds and debris

A hand rake is excellent for dead leaf and debris removal in the immediate area around specific plants. There are two types of hand rake; the stiff tine rake and the flexible tine rake. The difference in use is by either digging into soil or cleaning up above the soil respectively.

Stiff tine rakes can be used to remove small stones and other hard debris by digging into the soil in, around, and under plants. They are also excellent for grabbing onto tough weeds. The short handle of a lawn hand rake allows for good control, therefore, minimizing damage. Flexible tine garden hand rakes are excellent for removing debris from above the soil by dragging them over an area. The long tines are able to accumulate material around plants without damaging them. Thus, they can be cleaned up where a large rake would be unsuitable. 

Watering Globe

Close up image of three blue-green watering globe gardening tools with a white background.

A blown glass bubble with a thin neck, a watering globe is an excellent water delivery method for small plants indoors and outdoors. However, outdoor use might require topping up more as the sun absorbs more water. The design is meant for slow and consistent release that delivers small amounts of water to plants over 7 to 14 days depending on the design of the globe.

To use a watering globe, you simply insert it into the soil next to your plants. The watering globe’s size and opening type determine how long it will last as well as the soil type that it is inserted to. When the soil around the spout dries out, the air is pushed into the neck forcing water to be released. The process continues until there is no water left. The steady release over an extended period makes them ideal when you can’t commit to your plants such as taking a holiday.

All of these are invaluable tools for your garden, and help make the process of gardening more fun and rewarding. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, check out our products!

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