Earnest Process

Simple + Sustainable

Turning agricultural waste into premium soil amendments is hard work. Our community coming together is what has allowed US to get where we are today. Become an Earnest Partner and let’s bring Earnest products to the World.

Farm Process@2x


One cow produces 12 tons of manure a year.

Managing this waste is a big pain. Manure piles produce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and can leak into water ways.

Farmers need help managing all this waste. We Can Help.


Drop Icon@2x

DROP - We drop our BIO BINS


Fill Icon@2x

Fill - Farmers Fill them up


Deliver Icon@2x

Ship - We pick them up and pay per filled BIO BIN

Warehouse Process@2x


12 tons of manure can convert to 30 tons of soil.

Our automated warehouse was designed to have very little human interaction. BIO BINS are loaded and converted into EARNEST SOIL.


Mix Icon@2x

Mix - We mix the waste with carbon (microbes love carbon)


Heat Icon@2x

Heat - We use oxygen (aerobic compost) to keep microbes alive so they can kill diseases (pathogens)


Sift Icon@2x

Sift - We remove all big rocks and debris for a quality soil


Bag Icon@2x

Bag - We fill each bag with soil, seal, and get it ready to go


Ship Icon@2x

Ship - Our partners pick it up to deliver

Retail Process@2x


34 million tons of soil is sold in the US Yearly

Earnest soil is dropped off in pallets to stores throughout the US.


Deliver2 Icon@2x

Deliver - We make sure the right amount and type of product is delivered to meet demand


Market Icon@2x

Market - We coordinate with you to let our customers know you sell Earnest Products


Sold Icon@2x

Sold - We guarantee customers will love Earnest products

Garden Process@2x


35 billion lbs of tomatoes are grown in the US Yearly

We don’t just stop at purchase. We want to see all our communities grow. We help all customers like you, make sure you have the knowledge to plant correctly.


Buy Icon@2x

Buy - Be confident that you are buying a high quality product that gives back to the community (like farmers!).


Teach Icon@2x

Teach - Our online education center has most instructions, but we are always happy to hop on a call to talk you through anything.


Stage One

Farmer People@2x

I am a


I need

Agriculture Manure Management

1. Connect

We find out how much agriculture waste you have and when you want to start

2. Collect

We drop our containers on your farm, you fill them up, and we pick them up

3. Compensate

We pick up the containers and write you a check for each box filled

Stage Two

I am an

Engineer, Scientist, Advocate

Scientist People@2x

I want to


1. Understand

We want you to really understand our business to build a relationship that grows.

2. Apply

Experience, actions, and hobbies so we can better understand you.

3. Interview

Determining synergy.

Stage Three

Farmer People@2x

I am a


I need

Earnest Product

1. Discuss

We find out how much product you want to start with.

2. Deliver

We get the product to your location(s).

3. Determine

We reach out to see how everything is going and how to better succeed together.

Stage Three

Retail People@2x

I am a


I need

Earnest Product

1. Evaluate

We send you a sample of our products. You feel and smell the quality and value.

2. Employ

Our partnership begins to deliver on your expected demand.

3. Empower

We help your customers sell more through marketing and education.

From Do Less Harm to.... Do More Good

Helping Everyone Grow Through Understanding

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A sustainable firm seeks merely to reduce its ecological footprint, a regenerative company boldly seeks to increase its socia-ecological handprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Everyone Grow Through Understanding

A greenhouse gas is any gaseous compound in the atmosphere that is capable of absorbing infrared radiation, thereby trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere. By increasing the heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, which ultimately leads to global warming.