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Soil Amendments + Soil Conditioners

Partnering with local farmers to make natural, sustainable, and earthy soil amendments. Thoroughly sifted for quality you can feel, see, and smell (earthy).

From Farmers...

Earnest Farmers

Products created in partnership with Local Farmers

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To Gardeners

Gardening made for you

Our growing community, loves gardening with Earnest

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The Earnest Promise

Value in Every Purchase

Locally Sourced

Local agriculture waste turned to soil

Partnering with local farmers to better the health of our land, water, and air. It’s a partnership with a far reaching impact you can see, smell, and feel.

Quality Tested

Sifted and inspected to meet our highest standards

In manufacturing soil amendments, higher quantity equals higher payout. We believe quality supersedes everything. If we put our name on it, we guarantee quality..

Giving Back

Farmers and the environment win

A percentage of profits are returned to local farmers. We help them manage their waste and make a profit.

The Earnest Impact

Mind, Body, and Soul


Growing Mind

People who contribute to the greater good tend to gain a sense of power. They recognize they have the ability to transform lives and make the world a better place.


Growing Body

Many people who give their time live longer than those who don’t. Doing so delays the onset of serious illness and extends how long bodies function normally. This is likely related to having a sense of continued purpose.


Growing Soul

Because they’ve learned how good it feels to serve, they are better positioned to accept help when their time comes. And they can do so without embarrassment or shame.

Earnest Earth Soil Amendments

Natural, Sustainable, Earthy


For flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more...


Throughly sifted for an earthy quality product


Portion of profits goes back to local farmers


Indoor or outdoor application


Carefully monitored and controlled processes

Earnest Compost

Agriculture Waste -> [Natural Heat] -> Compost

Microbe Power

We mix agriculture waste with a carbon (like wood) and insert into our proprietary air composter. 135 degrees and 4 weeks later we sift and package for growing the best plants on Earth.

Ingredients: Made from cattle manure, pulverized wood, peat moss.

How It's Made

Microbes convert waste into compost

Screenshot 51

Earnest Castings

Compost -> [Earthworms] -> Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Power

We take compost and insert it into our proprietary earthworm eatery. Our hungry earthworms eat the compost and turn into rich, growth, earthworm castings.

Ingredients: Made from compost derived from cattle manure, pulverized wood, peat moss.

How It's Made

Earthworms convert compost into castings

Screenshot 52

Where It Comes From

Natural, Sustainable, Earthy

Farmer Henry

Champaign, IL

Farmer Dan

Savoy, IL

Farmer Bob

Moline, IL

Our Soil Amendment Lineup

Limited sizes allow us to improve sustainability and lower costs

Earnest Compost

0 QT



A soil amendment that is not like anything on the market. Quality you can see, smell, and feel once you open the package. Your plants will appreciate you.

0 QT

4 x 25 QT


Perfect for big projects around the house. This package deal is the deal for the gardener that wants to see results; Earnest results.

Earnest Castings

0 QT



A special soil amendment that we nickname “gold”.A natural insecticide and powerful growth soil. Your plants will be happy and grow strong and bigger than ever.

0 QT

5 x 8 QT


The “gold” package deal. Whether you are filling a garden bed or various plants around the house. This is the package you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An aerobic condition or environment is characterized by the presence of free oxygen (O2). All aerobic organisms use cellular respiration to make energy.