Earnest Technology

Enhancing Agriculture

Our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and scientists are helping to automate waste recycling and creating innovative products that improve cultivating outcomes at home and on farms.
Waste Input -> Value Output

It Takes a Village

A Community Stands Behind Us

Population increase, Sustenance Increase

An ever growing world requires better agriculture efficiency technology

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Demand increase by 2050

Earnest Work

Where We Started

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Heat to kill pathogens (disease)

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Remove access moisture

Our proprietary air composter gets agriculture waste up to 135 degree fahrenheit to kill all bad bacteria and turn waste into compost. We track temperature and moisture to make sure we produce safe quality products.


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Remove metals

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Embed Microbes

Our earnest friends break down the compost removing heavy metals and create natural fertilizer and insect repellent. When we say poop to gold this is the stuff plants love to grow in.

Earnest Manufacturing

Where We Are Improving

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Lower Risk

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24/7 Operations

Automating our manufacturing facility allows us to pass on the savings on to you. An factory that is safer, more consistent, and supervised for the same consistent manufacturing outcome. Lower risk for our team and a 24/7 operation that runs itself.


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Remove Waste

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Reduce Variation

We use Lean Six Sigma in our manufacturing process to remove wasted time, and resources, and reduce variations. Helping us deliver products faster and at the quality you expect. Always improving, always delivering.

Earnest Technology

Where We Are Innovating

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Proprietary Species

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Delivery Methods

We are building a microbe community of powerful plant growers. Each microbe is heavily tested to make sure they are safe, healthy, and effective. To help your plants grow faster, healthier, and stronger.

Machine Learning

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Save Money

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Predict Quality

Current methods use testing facilities to determine NPK levels in the soil. With our algorithms we are able to determine the quality we produce without sending it to the lab. Saving time, money, and resources while ensuring we are replicating the same results time after time.

NPK Plants

The Three Key Elements to Plant Growth


Growth of leaves on the plant


Root growth and flower and fruit development


Overall functions of the plant perform correctly

Our products are tested to insure the proper configuration so they don’t hurt your plants, only let them grow.

Carbon Sequestering

Pulling Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air and into the soil. Less CO2 in the air means a better atmosphere and cleaner air for all.

Our soil amendments directly enrich soils with fixed carbon and supplement other agricultural practices (cover crops) to help increase the overall soil organic carbon - important role in the physical, chemical and biological function of agricultural soils

The vigilant management of soils is perhaps the most effective way of combating climate change over the coming decades. Our soil amendments can help accelerate the accumulation of carbon in soils, a foundation for reversing climate change.

Microbe Value

The symbiotic relationship between plants and microbes has been essential for plant growth for millions of years.

Benefiting Growth

Microbes are able to help plants naturally acquire nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) via nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilization. Microbes are able to prevent plant disease through Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) and accelerate plant growth through the production of plant growth hormones (gibberllic acid).

Determining Growth

There are over a trillion+ different microbes with many ranging from being harmful, to helpful, to not having any benefits for plants. At Earnest, we are finding microbes that best help all plants achieve strong, healthy growth.


A pictures is worth a thousand words.

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Waste Hierarchy

Three R’s of helping reduce waste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Everyone Grow Through Understanding

One species benefits while the other species is not affected

Molecular nitrogen in the air is converted into ammonia or related nitrogenous compounds in soil.

Solubilizing(make [a substance] soluble or more soluble) inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds

Resistance mechanism in plants that is activated by infection