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At Earnest, we partner with farmers to turn their waste into sustainable soil products that help you, your plants, and the environment grow healthier and stronger. Our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and scientists are helping to automate waste recycling and creating innovative products that improve cultivating outcomes at home and on farms.

Growing Awareness Through Media

Beyond Sustainable

Regenerative agriculture; leaving the world better then we found it. We are dedicated to creating renewable and authentic practices that


Enhance soil Fertility and Health


Increase Water Infiltration and Retention


Improve Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health


Reverse Carbon Emissions

NPK Earnest

You might know N-P-K as the three macro-nutrients used by plants nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). At Earnest we believe that we need a version of the three to grow beyond sustainable.


Belief in Earth

The world gives us what we need and we are working to find and use organic, natural, earthy inputs for positive outputs.


Belief in Community

When we all come together to work on the same environmental causes, we not only give back to the world, we grow in the process.


Belief in Learning

Learning is a journey of trials and tribulations. It is in the journey where we build the knowledge to be and do better.

Earnest Growth

Going beyond sustainable requires earnest work. We’re dedicated to cultivating processes that help Nature (environment), People (community and partners), and Knowledge (research, education) grow.


Passion with purpose

Commitment to transforming existent practices through thoughtful and innovative solutions that advance the reduction of carbon emissions and waste products. Helping to establish a greener, more sustainable world.

Passion to move beyond sustainable.


Education with purpose

Dedication to establishing opportunities to increase awareness of world challenges (environmental and health) posed by continuing to use existing methods. Educating to move beyond sustainable.

Education to move beyond sustainable.


Reversal with purpose

Executing renewal and restoration practices and methods. True sustainability and growth for our planet comes from regeneration practices.

Reversal to move beyond sustainable.


Organic with purpose

Belief in utilizing the natural qualities of the world, only using crude and organic materials to develop with no chemicals. Earth gives root to growth.

Organic to move beyond sustainable.


Caring with purpose

Managing agriculture waste through technology to help stop greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate runoff into water streams. Boosting aquatic ecosystems, human health, and productive activities.

Caring to move beyond sustainable.


Recycling with purpose

Conscious about resources, striving to reduce waste through in-depth recycle and up-cycle strategies.

Recycling to move beyond sustainable.


Innovation with purpose

Selecting the right microbes to embed in our soil amendments to promote pathogen resistance, drought tolerance and improve soil health. Ultimately, allowing you to grow better plants!

Innovation to move beyond sustainable.

Earnest Products

Beyond sustainable products for a cleaner, greener world!

Beyond Sustainable Soil Amendments

Partnering with local farmers to make natural, sustainable, and earthy soil amendments; including compost and earthworm castings. Thoroughly sifted for quality you can feel, see, and smell.

Fun Grow Kits for Everyone

From your garden to your kitchen. We develop garden kits that are easy, fun, and educational. Our garden grow kits come with everything you need including seeds, soil, pots, and instructions.

Earnest Community

Bringing together a community focused on moving beyond sustainability - to create a greener cleaner future.

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Developing a growth-centric partnership with farmers to make waste management and organic farming easier and economical.

Organic farming is on the rise.

Farming beyond sustainable


Dedicated to helping enthusiasts grow healthy, organic plants at home.

Recreational and hobby gardening is on the rise.

Gardening beyond sustainable


Providing retailers and distributors the opportunity to offer local customers truly high-quality products that enhance the local community and bring organic, healthy food to the masses.

Gardening is on the rise

Selling beyond sustainable


Helping to educate and empower growers and commercial greenhouses by providing innovative solutions designed to bring higher yields with less resources.

Farm to table is on the rise.

Growing beyond sustainable

Earnest Microbes

Utilizing microbe power to transform your plants; plants with natural superpowers


Drought Tolerance

Improve plant response to dry conditions.

Microbes to naturally improve plant cells and plant adaptability - to join the fight against dry conditions.


Disease Resistance

Boost plant defense and immunity.

Microbes to naturally raise plant defense, and immunity - to join the fight against disease.


Soil Health

Advance the natural properties of soil.

Microbes to naturally advance mineral properties of soil, empowering plants against drought and build a plant reservoir. – to join the fight against dead soil.

Earnest Environmental

Reducing our impact on the environment through innovative solutions

Global Warming

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of greenhouse gases come from the agriculture industry attributing to global warming – with 15% of that from manure management. Let’s reduce carbon emissions together.

Water Pollution

0 %

of water contamination comes from the agriculture industry adding to water pollution affecting aquatic ecosystems as well as human health. Let’s reduce pollution and water run-off together.

Growth Testimonials

We could let you know how much care we put in our process and product, but we will let our growing community speak on that.

Henry H., Farmer
Henry H., Farmer
Champaign, IL
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Working with you (Earnest) has been easy. I don’t have to worry about the manure!
Doug F., Distributor
Doug F., Distributor
Geneseo, IL
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I love your story and your product is great. When you open the bag and it smells earthy, you know it's great!
Jessica S., Gardener
Jessica S., Gardener
Chicago, IL
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What an awesome idea. Now I can really say I made my pizza from scratch! I love it.

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